Thursday, August 05, 2004

Who Are You?

For those in Australia and can make it to Melboure, this is worth a visit.

AUUG'2004 is the annual technical conference of AUUG, the Australian UNIX and Open Systems User Group. AUUG is the Australian organisation for UNIX and Open Source Professionals.
The theme of the conference is "Who Are You?" The conference will emphasise issues of identity and authentication on the Internet, along with issues of computer security and anonymity.
The conference will be on Wednesday 1st to Friday 3rd September 2004, preceeded by 3 days of tutorials on Sunday 29th to Tuesday 31st August 2004.
The conference will be held at the Duxton Hotel, Flinders St, Melbourne.
The ubiquity of the Internet has created a raft of computer security problems: unauthorised access, email forgery, SPAM, fraudulent "phishing", denial of service, loss of privacy. Many of these problems stem from not being sure that people (or computers or programs) are who they say they are.

If your not tempted by experts from HP, Sun and some Universities, then titles of talks like Privacy, Anonymity, and Security on the Internet and How To Eat An Elephant should get you interested.

Happy Eating.


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