Thursday, July 01, 2004

ISOC Phishing Cyber-Survey

ISOC Administration
Cyber-Survey #12 - Phishing and Authentication
By Michael R. Nelson - VP of Public Policy

In recent months, there have been growing concerns about "phishing," the
use of the Internet by criminals to steal personal data such as
bank-account numbers and user passwords. According to the Gartner Group,
an estimated 57 million US Internet users have received e-mail messages
directing them to phony Web sites and about 1.8 million may have
divulged personal information as a result. Furthermore, the number of
phishing attacks has more than tripled in the last six months.

This short survey is designed to get the advice of Internet Society
members on how best to reduce the problem of phishing and cyberfraud.

The survey will end on July 12, 2004.

Thank you for your input.


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