Thursday, July 01, 2004

Workshop on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems

The focus of this workshop is on all aspects of cryptographic hardware and security in embedded systems. The workshop will be a forum of new results from the research community as well as from the industry. Of special interest are contributions that describe new methods for efficient hardware implementations and high-speed software for embedded systems, e.g., smart cards, microprocessors, DSPs, etc.

Boston Marriott Cambridge
Cambridge (Boston), USA
August 11-13, 2004

Computer architectures for public-key and secret-key cryptosystems
Efficient algorithms for embedded processors
Reconfigurable computing in cryptography
Cryptographic processors and co-processors
Cryptography in wireless applications (mobile phone, LANs, etc.)
Security in pay-TV systems
Smart card attacks and architectures
Tamper resistance on the chip and board level
True and pseudo random number generators
Special-purpose hardware for cryptanalysis
Embedded security
Device identification


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