Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Crypto news

This is supposed to be a gushing edge blog. But the bleeding edge in financial crypto seems to be only a trickle so I'll just refer you to a couple of dribbles.
The world's first quantum encryption computer network has been expanded to include a wireless link that uses quantum communications codes.

Australian Defense Signals Directorate to use Java Blackberry by Research In Motion (RIM)

This is a hand held device doing java 3DES and AES, not really new but interesting that a defense app is doing this.

A Patent has been granted for eliptic curve cryptography (ECC) and has been assigned to the NSA.

The NIST has been making some recomendations about message authenticity code (MAC) algorithms, in the meantime NIST has been playing with Berrylium Qbits and UV lasers as well as churning out 88% efficient single photon detctors

The NIST sensors could be used as receivers for quantum communications systems, calibration tools for single photon sources, and evaluation tools for testing system security. They also could be used to study the performance of ultralow light optical systems and to test the principles of quantum physics. The work is supported by the Director of Central Intelligence postdoctoral program and the Advanced Research and Development Activity.

In summing up, not much happening.... unless NIST cares to tell whats going to happen next?